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Besides creating a logo, designing a website, and purchasing your domain, you also need a hosting provider. A hosting provider allows you to publish your website files on the internet so that your customers can see them. It is the final step of the website building process. You could always research and select other hosting providers, but here at Daas Web Designs we take that responsibility off of your shoulders and do it for you.
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Our in-house designers will upload your site onto our servers.We will also make sure that it receives all of the necessary resources that a WordPress site needs to run optimally. You can rest assured that professionals are handling your site’s security and that if your website ever goes down we are here to fix it. All of the sites we host are SSL Certified and have 99.99% uptime. If you are interested in obtaining a risk-free quote, then call or email us today!
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We are here to help bring your start up idea to life and reach multiple new clients with a strong online presence.
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